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DEKA paints and inks for silk, fabric, glass, transfer printing and block printing, ceramics, marbling, metal, acrylic, wood, paper and more. Plus hot water dyes for all natural fibres and fabrics.

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Deka Silk Paints: Free flowing silk paints for silk, fine cotton and synthetics - for all silk painting techniques.The 46 colours are non-toxic, waterbased and washfast up to 60°C and can be heat-set with an iron. Painted fabrics are soft to handle.

There are a full range of accessories including coloured and clear gutta outliner, anti-spread primer, Deka Twin Pens and more.

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George Weil & Sons Ltd are wholesale distributors for DEKA paints
 and dyes, Jacquard paints and dyes, Speedball Screen Printing products
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